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Achieving Gender Equality through Diversity and Inclusion in the 21st Century Workplace

6 August, 2019 @ 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

About this Event

The world of work is undergoing rapid and profound transformations marked by innovations in information, mobility, and technology. Work, workforces and workplaces are being redefined. It is increasingly recognized that a successful 21st century workplace depends on diversity and inclusion in any organization. We have the opportunity to influence the future of work by positioning women in labour markets in the best ways possible such that 21st century workplaces are diverse, inclusive and gender responsive.

The business case for achieving gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is clear. Diversity and inclusion policies and practices towards gender equality in the workplace can mean increased productivity, greater innovation, better decision making, and higher employee retention and satisfaction. Companies need to be prepared to adapt to changing demographics and tackle challenges posed by technology and mobility, and to attract talent that is increasingly motivated by gender equality considerations.

The future of work that we are collectively molding should work for all – women and men, gender non-conforming alike. Along with great opportunities, we are also at great risk of further entrenching gender inequality and discrimination against women. Women face new challenges compounded existing ones, such as gender pay gaps, gender-based discrimination in hiring, retention and promotion, differences in training and advancement opportunities, sexual harassment, and lack of adequate childcare support and paid maternity and parental leave, among others.

This webinar will explore how companies are building and improving their diversity and inclusion strategies towards achieving gender equality in the 21st century workplace in the context of the future of work.

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